Current geopolitical events outline our need to protect against cyber security attacks on critical infrastructure. Especially power supply and communication infrastructure are highly interconnected and depend on one another.

Have you already considered fuel cell power for your critical infrastructure but challenges in transporting gaseous hydrogen have stopped you from adoption?

A practical example from our partner Smart Radio Net shows how fuel cells play a fundamental role in supplying power to critical infrastructure and make an important contribution to crisis-proof communication networks.

With the “Smart Bayern Netz Kritis”, they maintain a communications platform that is independent of the power grid and the internet and already enables mobile coupling points for VoiP telephony, data transmission and voice radio in large parts of Bavaria.

On Friday, May 13th at 10:00 am, Harald Huber, Director of Business Development at Smart Radio Net GmbH, will present the current status of the „Smart Bayern Netz Kritis“ in a keynote presentation at the SIQENS booth (B2.430D, Hall B2) at “the smarter E”:

“Highly available communication for a resilient State of Bavaria”.

Note that the presentation and following discussion will be held in German.

Interested but no time to visit? Learn more on their application here:

The Smart Bayern Netz Kritis

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SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, develops and produces methanol fuel cells. The devices are used as a backup power source for critical communictaion networks, as well as in locations without a fixed connection to the power grid.

The SIQENS fuel cell system, the Ecoport, runs on liquid methanol. Inside the Ecoport, hydrogen is derived from the methanol. The hydrogen then reacts with oxygen to generate electrical energy. The Ecoport is connected to a battery and automatically recharges it as needed.

In contrast to diesel generators, fuel cells are economical, require hardly any maintenance and emit neither particulate matter nor nitrogen oxides, in addition to significantly reducing CO2 emissions. And with methanol from renewable sources, operation is completely climate-neutral.

Learn more about SIQENS fuel cells.