Green hydrogen infrastructure

The biggest challenge for the green hydrogen economy is last mile distribution and infrastructure

Like mobile communication and renewable energies – the future of hydrogen will be decentralized.

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Green hydrogen production

Using renewable electricity and water electrolysis

Hydrogen distribution

Road transportation, pipelines, and blending into the gas grid

Natural gas deblending


Separation of pure natural gas from H2/CH4-blends for hydrogen-sensitive customers

Gas network decarbonization


Extract H2 from the blended gas stream to reduce emissions from drive and compression turbines

Feedstock for green hydrogen

Hydrogen production via reforming of local biogas or renewable methanol

Hydrogen purification


Fuel cell grade hydrogen (> 99.97%) from reformate gas of biogas or renewable methanol

Hydrogen deblending


Extraction of pure hydrogen from H2/CH4-blends for direct use in commercial and mobility applications

Hydrogen refueling


Fuel cell grade hydrogen for small fleets of FCEVs, ranging from 2 – 1,000 kg H2 per day

Clean power generation

SIQENS Ecoport

Fuel cell energy for critical infrastructure: Using methanol as a hydrogen carrier

Hydrogen recycling


Extraction of H2 from industrial off-gases with a wide range of H2 content: 3–99%

Green H2

Hydrogen trucks and buses

Is availability and cost of green hydrogen slowing down the roll-out of your commercial FCEVs?

SIQENS makes green hydrogen available at the location of your refueling station eliminating truck transportation of compressed H2.
>>> Learn more

Hydrogen blending in gas networks

Are you preparing to blend up to 20% green hydrogen into your gas grid?

SIQENS is able to extract fuel cell grade hydrogen from gas streams at the point-of-use. >>> Learn more

Methanol fuel cells for critical infrastructure

Has transporting hydrogen bottles stopped you from using fuel cells to decarbonize critical power supplies?

Using SIQENS Ecoport fuel cell generators puts you ahead of regulation and competition. Ideal to give you the competitive edge in your next critical communications or security project. >>> Learn more

SIQENS innovations and IP

Electrochemical hydrogen separation and fuel cells are the enablers of a decentralized hydrogen economy

Solutions for hydrogen supply and power generation based on a HT-PEM technology platform. >>> Learn more


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