TechNews: Hydrogen and Fuel cells

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Reliable emergency power supply for cold chambers

The Challenge Many business processes depend on an absolutely uninterruptible power supply and at the same time are critical for the company’s operations: be it…

Fuel cells for disaster relief and critical infrastructure

Fuel cells are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for diesel generators. Are they also suited for use in an emergency situation?

How does a methanol fuel cell work?

How do methanol fuel cells work and what are key differences between direct methanol and reformer-based methanol fuel cell systems?

What is a fuel cell?

Fuel cells in cars have been discussed for years. For power supply, they are often used as an alternative to diesel generators. But what is…

Power supply for office containers in mining operations

Construction sites, mines and quarries depend on a reliable power supply – after all, every interruption is a potential risk for people and machinery. In many cases, however, it is neither economically nor technically feasible to establish a grid connection.