Off-Grid and Backup Power

Security, infrastructure and communication: Win your next contract with clean and reliable power

Communication networks, IT processes, and critical infrastructure: The digital backbone of our society is dependent on uninterrupted power supply. Where a diesel generator may have been your cheap go-to-choice in the past, regulation irrevocably drives decarbonization and clean power solutions. But in most geographies, renewables such as solar and wind are not reliable enough. Batteries can only store a limited amount
of energy. The uptake of fuel cells is limited by availability and difficult handling of gaseous hydrogen.


Your clean alternative

Zero noise and no pollutants: Exceeding regulatory requirements even in the most challenging locations.

How often have you dealt with projects in natural reserves or residential districts with an imposed limit for pollutants and noise?

By standard, SIQENS Ecoport products eliminate emission of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants. No need to worry about compliance to emission stage V. Silent operation permits usage all night – even in residential areas. As a biodegradable fuel, methanol can be used where diesel and gasoline are forbidden.

Methanol as hydrogen carrier

An easy to handle liquid fuel: Avoids challenges in the transportation of gaseous hydrogen

Has the transportation of pressurized hydrogen cylinders stopped you from using fuel cells?

Particularly in remote areas, access and transport of gaseous hydrogen is severely limited. 2 x 60 liter of methanol contain roughly 200 kWh in electrical energy – this equals a bundle of 12 pressurized gas cylinders with hydrogen at 300 bar.
Meaning less trips for refueling and no maintenance.

Everything in sight

Online monitoring: Enables you for remote maintenance and control of performance KPIs.

How do you ensure your power systems are available at all times?

In backup power systems, uptime is critical. Our monitoring platform provides you with real-time data and access to your energy system – making it easy, to schedule the next refueling trip or providing your customers with insight on the status of their operations.


Our portfolio is field-proven and ready for deployment

SIQENS Ecoport

Patented methanol fuel cells for automatic battery recharging.

SIQENS EcoCabinet

Outdoor cabinet for clean energy plug-and-play deployment.


ADR-certified fuel cell cartridges for safe and simple fuel handling.

Off-grid and backup power solutions

The SIQENS Ecoport is always installed in a hybrid energy system

Our Locations


Liquid hydrogen carrier
with high energy density

SIQENS Ecoport

Connects directly to
24V or 48V batteries and
recharges them as needed


Serves the dynamic load
with up to several kW

Control Panel

Access and control on-site
via touch screen display

SIQENS Remote Monitoring

24/7 access and control
via online platform

Easy to extend

PV panels or wind turbines
are simply connected to the
same battery


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