The configurable energy solution

The SIQENS EcoCabinet is our answer to the challenge of off-grid energy supply: Adapted to your performance requirements, it is delivered pre-assembled and provides electricity immediately. No matter whether mobile or permanently mounted.



Reliable, clean power source

The SIQENS Ecoport is the central element of every off-grid power supply. Powered by methanol, it is quiet in operation and does not emit any fine dust. In the EcoCabinet, either the Ecoport 1500 or the Ecoport 800 provides reliable electricity.

>>> More information about Ecoport

Pre-assembled in the control cabinet

For wind and weather

The EcoCabinet control cabinet is connected with all components pre-assembled, can generate electricity directly and is mobile.

All electronic components (fuel cell, batteries, inverter and also the methanol tank) are integrated into the housing and protected from the weather.


Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you can access your EcoCabinet with the installed components at any time and see how much electricity is currently being generated, even hundreds of kilometers away. Every EcoCabinet receives updates and service over-the-air.

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EcoCabinet in use

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Free configuration


Basic configuration

>>> Datasheet

Power supply SIQENS Ecoport 800
Battery 4kWh Li-Ion battery
Inverter 24V DC / 160W
Methanol connection Triple for a total of 75l
Commissioning incl.

Choose from the options and make it your own EcoCabinet:

SIQENS Ecoport

The Ecoport converts the liquid methanol into electricity, uses it to charge batteries or provides the energy directly. Choose from our two powerful variants. Both can be installed in the EcoCabinet.

Ecoport 1500
Up to 1500 W power in backup operation, 1000 W in continuous operation

Ecoport 800
Up to 800 W power in backup mode, 500 W in continuous operation

Battery storage

Whether load peak or low consumption: the battery integrated in the EcoCabinet smoothes the load profile for the fuel cell. On the one hand, this increases durability, but in particular it expands your operational fantasies.

6 kWh Li-Ion battery
Consisting of 3 x 2 kWh LiFePo batteries, fully charged in 6 hours with the Ecoport 1500

2 kWh Li-Ion battery (LiFePo)
Consisting of 2 x 2 kWh LiFePo batteries, fully charged in 4 hours with the Ecoport 1500

Individual battery
Freely configurable battery combination and size, integrated or in a separate battery cabinet

Solar modules

Solar modules are a useful addition to any off-grid EcoCabinet with solar radiation. The free sunlight is used to charge the battery and the Ecoport only has to start when the sun is not shining.

600 Wp (installed externally)
3 x 200 Wp modules, including charge controller, can be mounted depending on the environment, e.g. on a roof or open space

400 Wp (installed externally).
2 x 200 Wp modules, including charge controller, elevation depending on the environment, e.g. pole mounting possible.

140 Wp
1 x 140 Wp module, including charge controller, can be mounted on the EcoCabinet or separately

Individual PV configuration
Many PV modules are compatible with the batteries and the Ecoport.


You need the right power and voltage for your application. The SIQENS EcoCabinet can be configured with the appropriate output power and voltage. If you want to keep things simple, you can simply plug in the plug and go!

2000W / 230V AC
Inverter to 2000 W at 230V AC output power, including external socket connection and fuses.

840 W / 12 V DC

Individual configuration
Other converters and inverters, whether 24 / 48 / 230 or 400 V are possible.

Methanol tank

Extend the refueling interval or simplify handling. In the Siqens EcoCabinet you can freely choose the tank size.

3 x 25l methanol
Equivalent to 125 kWh

2 x 60l methanol
Equivalent to 200 kWh

Individual configuration
External tanks of your chosen size are possible.

Order your EcoCabinet today.

The possible uses of the EcoCabinet are as diverse as your ideas. That’s why we look forward to discussing the use case with you, calculating load scenarios and ultimately finding the right system configuration.