Ecoport 1500

Our most powerful high-temperature fuel cell (HT-PEM). With a power of up to 1500 W at peak and 1000 W in continuous operation, the SIQENS Ecoport 1500 is the ideal power supply for demanding backup and off-grid applications. >>> Datasheet


Ecoport 800

The proven HT-PEM technology (high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell) in a smaller stack. With an output of up to 800 W at peak and 500 W in continuous operation, the SIQENS Ecoport 800 is the ideal power supply for permanently high loads. >>> Datasheet



Ready when you are! The EcoCabinet is the out-of-the-box solution for your off-grid application. Simply start and connect consumers. The cabinet can be flexibly configured: via the power, voltage, batteries and additional PV modules. Adapted to your needs.

The Details


Methanol as a hydrogen carrier

The Ecoport works with commercially available methanol from the chemical dealer. But why not just use hydrogen as an energy source? What about the energy balance? We addressed all of these questions during development and in daily discussions with the customer. You can find the answers here: >>> The methanol fuel cell


Reliable power supply seamlessly integrated

The Ecoport integrates seamlessly into the established infrastructure and maintains the seamless power supply or bridges the power supply via renewable energies. This is also the case, for example, with construction containers in opencast mining.


Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you can access the Ecoport at any time and see how much electricity is currently being generated, even hundreds of kilometers away. Every Ecoport receives updates and service over-the-air. >>> Data sheet Remote Monitoring


Ecoport in use

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