Intelligent traffic monitoring and control with ECOPORT systems

Munich, May 21, 2024Siqens GmbH, one of the pioneers in the environmentally friendly, methanol-operated fuel cell segment and in decentralized hydrogen production and supply, is continuously filling its order books.

The Munich-based company, which has observed increasing demand in both the fuel cell sector and hydrogen separation and processing systems, has just received orders for fuel cell systems from the ECOPORT 800 model series from Swedish companies and Swiss authorities.

At the same time, the hydrogen specialists who, with their EHS technology for electrochemical hydrogen separation and purification, offer a highly efficient and extremely cost-effective alternative to electrolysis and can therefore also make a significant contribution to the maintenance and use of existing gas infrastructures >in advanced discussions with interested parties from Saudi Arabia and reporting the conclusion of an MoU.The company is in negotiations with other interested parties from the United Arab Emirates and German-speaking countries. According to Siqens, around 250 ECOPORT systems are currently being used in various fields of application, particularly in traffic monitoring and control.

The ECPORT fuel cells are based on our own patented technology and are used in off-grid, emergency power and mobile applications, usually combined with a battery as an integrated, fully automated system. Gaps in the supply of photovoltaics and wind can be reliably bridged and batteries can be significantly reduced in size. This fuel cell technology optimally replaces conventional diesel generators. The hydrogen required to generate energy is obtained from liquid methanol directly in the system. ECOPORT users benefit from easy handling, low maintenance and low fuel consumption. At the same time, they make a decisive contribution to the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions. Renewable methanol even enables climate-neutral operation.


About Siqens:

SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, is a leading provider of methanol fuel cells and electrochemical hydrogen capture (EHS) technology. The company’s methanol fuel cell modules (Ecoport) are used to provide emergency power in safety-critical applications and locations without a connection to the power grid. Based on the patented high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) technology portfolio for power generation, SIQENS offers solutions for the separation and purification of hydrogen at the point of consumption from various source gases – for example from hydrogen admixtures in the natural gas network or reformate gases from methanol and biogas. The SIQENS technology portfolio addresses the challenge of last-mile hydrogen supply: decarbonizing power generation, transportation and industry by reducing the cost of hydrogen provision.