SIQENS GmbH recorded robust growth in the first quarter of 2023. In its two business areas, fuel cells for grid-independent power supply (Power Generation) and Hydrogen Separation, the Munich-based company recorded solid sales growth as well as an increase in received orders on YoY-basis.

In the Power Generation segment, SIQENS was able to deliver the majority of of a million Euro order. As a result, sales grew by 60% compared to the same period for the previous year. The dynamic business development is reflected in the increased order intake and the unbroken strong demand for methanol fuel cells.

At the beginning of March, SIQENS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a partner in the Middle East for the supply of power to smart traffic control systems. Based on a trial phase conducted over several months, the cooperation aims to equip several hundred traffic control systems with SIQENS Ecoport fuel cells within the next two years.

The company has also opened up new areas of application for its fuel cells. In a partnership with a Chinese provider of off-grid power solutions and mobile applications, SIQENS systems will be used as “range extenders”. In the domestic market, SIQENS systems continue to attract demand in critical infrastructure applications – recently also for auxiliary power supplies for electrified fire-fighting vehicles.

In the new business unit Hydrogen Separation, which comprises technology for the electrochemical separation and processing of high-purity hydrogen from various gas streams, a first test plant was delivered to Australia. Simultaneously, SIQENS has initiated a collaboration with Landshut University of Applied Sciences to produce pure hydrogen from biogases. Further projects are under negotiation in Europe and Asia, mostly involving the separation and purification of hydrogen using electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS) from local networks.


SIQENS, founded 2012 in Munich, is a leading provider of methanol fuel cells and technology for electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS). The Company’s methanol fuel cell product line (Ecoport) supplies clean energy in remote areas or backup power to critical applications.

Built on its patented high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) technology portfolio for power generation, SIQENS offers solutions to separate and purify hydrogen at the point of use from several feed gases – as from hydrogen-blends in natural gas pipelines or reformate gases from methanol or biogas. The SIQENS technology portfolio addresses the challenge of last-mile hydrogen distribution: Driving the decarbonization of power generation, transportation, and industry by reducing the cost of hydrogen delivery.