The Munich-based clean-tech company has made a strong start to the fiscal year 2022 with a major strategic order for the delivery of a total of 60 Ecoport 1500 fuel cell modules and accessories. A renowned provider of telecommunications and security services has chosen SIQENS technology to provide backup power to their critical infrastructure systems.

SIQENS Ecoport fuel cell modules circumvent key challenges related to hydrogen transportation and storage. While hydrogen for fuel cells is typically provided in gas cylinders, the Munich-based company uses methanol as a hydrogen carrier. Inside the Ecoport fuel cell system, the chemically-bound hydrogen is extracted from methanol and used to generate electricity. In case of a blackout, approximately 35 liters of methanol are sufficient to provide the 1.2 kW of required electrical power continuously over 48 hours.


SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, is a leading provider of methanol fuel cells and technology for electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS). The Company’s methanol fuel cell product line (Ecoport) supplies clean energy in remote areas or backup power to critical applications.

Built on its patented high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) technology portfolio for power generation, SIQENS offers solutions to separate and purify hydrogen at the point of use from several feed gases – as from hydrogen-blends in natural gas pipelines or reformate gases from methanol or biogas. The SIQENS technology portfolio addresses the challenge of last-mile hydrogen distribution: Driving the decarbonization of power generation, transportation, and industry by reducing the cost of hydrogen delivery.

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