SIQENS starts cross-industrial pre-series test of the Ecoport 800 fuel cell

Siqens GmbH, the innovative fuel cell producer, is starting a broad pre-series test run of their Ecoport 800. As of now, pre-series models are being delivered to specific testing partners from different application sectors. The system integration as well as the operation will receive comprehensive technical facilitation. The new high temperature methanol fuel cell (HTM-FC) offers reliable off-grid power supply. It is silent, low-maintenance and completely immune to extreme temperatures. The series launch of this compact power package, planned for the end of the year, will then incorporate application experience from e.g. wind energy, the telecommunications sector as well as from transport and security technologies.

Fuel cells, compared to generators, have the advantage of being noise-free and produce energy through a chemical conversion that emits no harmful emissions. In addition, the Ecoport 800 has the advantage of running on methanol, a globally easy available and clean fuel source. This new type of fuel cell has no special requirements on the purity of the methanol – it runs smoothly on technical as well as on eco methanol.

Diverse demands faced by the newcomer fuel cell

Numerous users have applied for the pre-series test. A small number of devices are still available on request. There are no limits to the imagination when looking for suitable testing scenarios: The application cases discussed so far range from support for photovoltaic facilities during the ‘dark season’, the powering of beacon lights on wind turbines, reliable backup power for telecommunication and measurement facilities to range extension for electric cars. Exactly those application cases where an all-weather, reliable and eco-friendly power generator is needed. During the test phase, the customers trial the user-friendliness and operational handling of the 800 W fuel cell and thereby receive all-round systems integration and operation support.

The advanced pre-series devices result from a number of prototype generations and, to a large degree, reflect the final configuration of the series models. The Ecoport 800 has integrated controls, which are managed either via a display or remotely. This allows the fuel cells can be integrated in automatic, digital power supply concepts and to be monitored remotely.

“Our pre-series models incorporate the product advantages we envisioned from the very beginning. The compact units are not only completely weather resistant. They also demonstrate a high cycle stability – meaning that the system is extremely tolerant of users operating start-stop-cycles“ explains Volker Harbusch, founder of Siqens and inventor of this fuel cell type, about the successful start of the pre-series. “With our product, we can guarantee reliable and completely autonomous clean energy. Not to forget the low operating costs and low maintenance. After the series start, any number of worldwide implementation areas spring to mind such as the electrification of rural regions in developing countries.”


SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, develops and produces methanol fuel cells. The devices are used as an alternative to diesel generators and are used for backup power, as well as in locations without a fixed connection to the power grid.

The SIQENS fuel cell system, the Ecoport, runs on liquid methanol. Inside the Ecoport, hydrogen is derived from the methanol. The hydrogen then reacts with oxygen to generate electrical energy. The Ecoport is connected to a battery and automatically recharges it as needed. Connected electrical devices are supplied directly from the battery. Thanks to patented circuits for the recovery of process media and energy, the system runs exceptionally efficiently.

In contrast to diesel generators, fuel cells are economical, require hardly any maintenance and emit neither particulate matter nor nitrogen oxides, in addition to significantly reducing CO2 emissions. And with methanol from renewable sources, operation is completely climate-neutral.

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